Fantasy NBA Free Agent Analysis


I'm currently playing an 8-team 8-category H2H league on ESPN. Everyone knows that fantasy leagues are won by picking winners off the waiver wire. This notebook aims to document my work as I attempt to automate this process of identifying high-quality free agents. The current formula used to score is

Resolving the Dress Color Debate with Code


Context The internet celebrated net neturality the right way yesterday by clogging the tubes with heated discussion on some lady's dress color. What follows is an attempt to resolve this debate. Code can be found on github. Process I took the original image and did some basic editing in GIMP

Clustering Jeopardy Categories Using Partially Labeled Topic Data


Motivation Thanks to the magic of DVR, I got re-addicted to Jeopardy! over winter break. I quickly burned through what must have been 50 or more saved up episodes in just a matter of days. What I was disappointed to find was that I hadn’t improved much by the

Building a Random Rap Generator


This can also be a random X generator, where X is any medium with a substantial corpus of raw-text that can be used to train a model. You can check out the source on github here. Most of my hacks are pretty CRUDdy. That’s not to say that they

Gaming the UCLA Enrollment Process


You can check out the source of all the code in this tutorial in its entirety on github. Also, if somehow you’re reading this and you’re an angry UCLA administrator, please email me privately if you have any issues with what I’m doing. Otherwise, enjoy the post

My first real experience as an “engineer”


As a pure CS guy, I’ve competed in a fair share of hackathons and loved every one of them. There’s something comforting about working on a project that’s (usually) solely contained in one medium, computers. Sure, I have to configure servers to do crazy things and sometimes